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News From Simit Sarayı
Simit Sarayı supersedes Giants in the Fast-Food Market- Nielsen Survey Results

Press Release                                                               November 3, 2010

Simit Sarayı supersedes Giants in the Fast-Food Market  

In a survey conducted by Nielson for fast-food and baked goods, the Turkish population has found "Simit Sarayı" brand to be more powerful than McDonalds and Burge King.  

The one-on-one live survey conducted in Turkey by Nielson in September-October surveying 941 volunteers, revealed that the Turkish population does not compromise on traditional tastes when it comes to fast-food. The chart is the most striking indication that consumers choose Simit Sarayı as the most popular brand in the fast-food sector. In the survey where any brand receiving three or more points is considered a "strong brand" Burger King and McDonald received three points each, falling behind Simit Sarayı. This index shows results based on scores for paying more for brands, being their favorite brand and recommend to others.


BEI (Brand Value Index) 3+ Strong Brands

Turkish citizens’ favorite and most recommended brand is "Simit Sarayı"In addition 30% of the participants to the survey indicated Simit Sarayı as their favorite fast-food chain store, and 29% said that they will recommend Simit Saryı. In the light of this data, it was observed that Simit Sarayı has superseded McDonald and Burger King and ranked number one as the most favorite and most recommended brand.



Within top three in brand awareness

In the same survey under awareness category Simit Sarayı ranked a very close score against brand that they have been in the market for a long time and have had intensive TV advertisements. It superseded the other Turkish brands by far.

The  secret to success

Serving to thousands of visitors traditional tastes in modern café style environment at 150 stores is definitely not by pure luck. With its convenient price policy without compromising quality and hygiene, promising an enjoyable time in a café environment it is a very appealing location especially for the young people who spent a lot of time outside.

Besides, with the production center developed with the partnership between Simit Sarayı and TUBITAK in 2004, products are prepared in automated system using the latest technology. Offering hygienic and safe products, this system is providing convenience, and eliminates on-location production obligation to dealers.

Statement from Simit Sarayı

Evaluating the results of the survey, Haluk Okutur Simit Sarayı Chairman of the Board of Directors said:” As Simit Sarayı we are conducting some very serious studies for becoming a world renowned brand and by measuring our business actions, we try to take well measured steps. We are aware that becoming a brand name is not possible with productions or by owning stores alone, therefore with the assistance of Markam Consulting company we are working developing new marketing strategies. With the SAP system that we switched to in 2008 along with the partnership of INPACT we are becoming more professional each day. 2011 will be an important year for Simit Sarayı. By starting our new company identification transformation with Ayşe Çelem Designs who has also assisted another Turkish brand name Mavi, Simit Sarayı will change its image from its logo to interior decoration concept. While doing so we will also keep working with Nielson to evaluate the results of changes.”  


Simit Sarayı-From Past to Present

After the opening of their first store in Mecidiyeköy eight years ago, Simit Sarayı has rapidly grown and today it is serving local and overseas customer at its 150 stores worldwide. With a mission of serving simit to the entire world, following its store branches launched in Holland and Cyprus, Simit Sarayı is now getting ready to open more stores in Greece and Mecca. Targeting to have one more store than McDonalds, and become the largest chain fast-food brand in the world, Simit Sarayı has formed a strong team of staff at its headquarters with senior management and professional employees that have joined in from Burger King, Mado, Starbucks and McDonalds.  Becoming even stronger with the new staff, Simit Sarayı with the partnership of Aydın University has launched Simit Sarayı Academy where all employees will have the opportunity of receiving personal development opportunities and the company will grow even further together with its skilled crew.

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Simit Sarayı supersedes Giants in the Fast-Food Market- Nielsen Survey Results
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